Who are we?

Collarta is operated by volunteering experts in modern art. When you are interested in collecting  a piece of art or finding a collector for a piece of your own collection, your first contact will be mr Wim Reiff in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

wim.vignetMr Reiff has a global network of relations: galleries, collectors, musea , etcetera. He also has a proven nose for quality, i.e. for sustainable value of art works. Over more than 4o years hundreds of art works changed ownership through his interventions. Wellknown artists were once scouted by mr Reiff as juvenile talents.

You can be assured that mr Reiff will lead your request or commission through the shortest and most effective route to the best counterpart that you could wish.

Contact details

Collarta  Maastricht

mr Wim Reiff


+31 6 50 61 62 99‬


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