Art collectors welcome at Collarta

kelley-walker-caCollarta, the fair art fair

Collarta is a marketplace vehicle of TEMCAF, the European Modern & Contemporary Art Foundation.  Collarta aims to bring selected works of modern and contemporary art where they belong, through assisted buying and selling, exhibiting and promoting. Collarta services are dedicated to all parties with good taste: artists, collectors, galleries, museums, but also newcomers in the world of art.

Services of Collarta

  • valuation and selection
  • second opinions
  • advising buyers and sellers
  • search missions
  • online exhibitions
  • publishing catalogues

Trading conditions of Collarta are different from the mainstream art market:   Collarta is not a profit driven company but an vehicle that enables the TEMCAF foundation to reach her goals. Therefore, Collarta can allow itsself to operate on a low cost level and as transparant as possible, but still respecting the privacy of its clients. Does it sound fair? Well, fair it is indeed!

Fee structure

Commercial fees for bringing parties together, or for consulting, are substantially less then usual.  Also  parts of received fees and commissions will be dedicated:

  • 7% to the One Drop initiative, caring for sustainable access to safe water
  • 7% to an organization caring for youth education in the 3rd world
  • 7% to a forum caring for ethics in the world of arts
  • 7% to a special TEMCAF fund caring for the needs of artists